Multi Resource Group is offering cutting edge internet travel technology solutions to our clients. Affordable, flexible, innovative, robust, reliable, supported - these are the attributes you'll find common in all our solutions and you do not need to wait months or spends tens of thousands of pounds to realise the benefits as all our solutions can be implemented within a matter of weeks and priced extremely competitively.

Our solutions are designed to combine the latest technological developments with real-world operations experience to meet our clients exacting and demanding needs. We are constantly updating, upgrading and enhancing our solutions to ensure we stay at the forefront of technological advances, ensuring our clients have the competitive edge in such a competitive industry.

We stay one step ahead of the competition to ensure our clients keep two steps ahead.


Our concept is simple and understated - to provide our clients with a competitive advantage using the latest cutting edge technology with the best level of support at competitive and transparent prices. No PPC, SEO, ABC, 123... just the best-of-breed online booking solution.

We have built all our travel technology solutions from the bottom up, recognising that each step in the business process has differing and unique requirements. We have invested a great deal of time to determine the ins-and-outs of each stage of the business process and with the feedback and input from a think tank of business owners, developers, suppliers, right down to reservation and ticketing consultants, we have built our solutions to facilitate these exacting requirements at each stage.

From the ease of use for your front line agents who are responsible for the day-to-day tasks, to the ease of reporting and live statistics for middle management, right through to in depth reporting and revenue management for senior management, our solutions offers the autonomy and flexibility to slot directly into your current business model and make a significant difference.