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Multi Resource Group is the brainchild of a group of like minded entrepreneurs, all within the travel industry, who identified a gap in the market and decided that if you want something done, and done right, you have to do it yourself.

With all members having extensive backgrounds in the travel industry, Multi Resource Group came to life as a result of the disappointment and frustration we encountered in dealing with developers who continually overpromised and underdelivered, with no idea what support and service meant.

Having spent over 3 years researching, recruiting, training and developing our solutions, we decided to build our solutions backwards, from the ground up. What were the requirements of the reservations agents using it daily? What features and functions would make their jobs easier? How best would we support our clients? With these questions in mind (and many, many more), we set about developing our solutions...

Now into our fourth year and with our client list growing quicker than we had expected, we firmly believe that no other solution can offer the level of flexibility, user friendliness and support of a Multi Resouse Group solutions - affordable, functional, flexible, innovative, robust, reliable, supported - we remain true to our word and strongly believe that simplicity is key.

So whether you are taking your first venture into an ever increasingly competitive online market, or looking for a new travel technology partner, our technology, service and support will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Why Multi Resource Group Solutions?

Sales: Providing you with all the information you need allowing you to make an informed decision on which solution is best suited for your business.

Solutions: A range of solutions to suit you, when it suits. Start with the full Dynamic solution or add each module one step at a time when you are ready.

Technology: Best-of-breed, cutting edge technology with continual developments, enhancements, improvements and upgrades.

Project Management: Keeping you informed throughout - from design, development, testing, right through to implementation and launch.

Training: Providing you with the training you need in order for you to release the full potential of your solutions.

Support: A dedicated UK support team, assigned from the outset, who will assist with all your support needs.

Performance: Using the latest hexa-core servers provides outstanding performance with high-level availability and supreme reliability with the added protection of professional redundancy.

Reliability: Our clients rely on our solutions to enable them to reach a multitude of differing platforms such as price comparison sites so downtime is measured in minutes, not hours.

Pricing: Totally transparent, no hidden extras, only pay for what you want.

Contact us for a demo and see for yourself why so many travel companies are turning to Multi Resource Group solutions to finally make their presence online.